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Check Engine Lights

If your check engine light is on, you need to know what to do. The experts at JCL Automotive in Hellertown, Pennsylvania recommend that you familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s unique warning signs. BMW drivers should look out for red, flashing check engine lights, which indicate a very serious problem. If you see this while driving, pull over immediately and call us at 484-851-3390. Our friendly staff members will give you directions on what to do next. If your check engine light appears amber or orange, it means the vehicle monitoring system has detected a minor problem that needs attention. Visit us at your earliest convenience to handle the repair before it becomes worse! Once you understand what your vehicle is trying to say, you don’t need to panic at the sight of the check engine light. But if you still dread the check engine light, JCL Automotive has good news for you — preventing problems is easy!

Preventing Problems

Some causes for the check engine light are simple fixes. Replacing a worn oxygen sensor is inevitable and generally doesn’t make a major impact on most driver’s maintenance budget. Tightening a loose gas cap back into place takes no extra effort. But there are some more serious and costly check engine light triggers. A failing catalytic converter or mass airflow sensor might set you back a few hundred dollars! There’s good news though. For the most part, these extensive auto repairs can be easily avoided with regular maintenance. By visiting JCL Automotive every few months for oil changes and other key maintenance services, you allow our technicians to check your vehicle’s health and perform minor adjustments to keep major systems running their best. No matter what kind of car you drive — a BMW, Chevy, Toyota, or Land Rover — regular maintenance can prevent serious check engine light problems!

Local Auto Specialists

Drivers in Hellertown, Pennsylvania don’t have to look far for professional assistance with check engine light problems. JCL Automotive has expert technicians on standby to solve critical engine problems. Simply stop by our shop at 70 Main Street near Grist Mill Park and Union Cemetery of Hellertown for same-day service.* We start by using advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the exact cause of the warning light. From there, we perform precise repairs using high-quality tools and parts. Feel free to hang out at our shop, take a walk on the local Rail Trail, or visit nearby restaurants and shops while you wait! You’ll receive a notification from our technicians as soon as your vehicle is ready. We’ll send it off with a permanent solution and warranty coverage — good for 24-months / 24,000-miles or 36-months / 36,000-miles. We look forward to serving you!

*Wait times vary based on our daily schedule.

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